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Go Falcons !

Wylie E. Groves High School


Go Falcons !

Wylie E. Groves High School

Go Falcons !

Wylie E. Groves High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.


1 month ago @ 3:34PM

Groves @ Patriot Relays Invitational (4/6/24)

Patriot Relays at Livonia Franklin High School

Women’s Team Score: FIRST PLACE!

Men’s Team Score: THIRD PLACE!

The Lady Falcons are the 2024 Patriot Relays Champions!  They amassed 93 team points to edge out Rochester Hills Stoney Creek who had 90 points.  The men’s team finished with 80 points, two points behind Livonia Franklin and what would’ve been a “double trophy” day for the Falcons!

Women’s point scorers/highlights:

  • 4x100 (Draper, Williams, Goins, Webster) edged out Canton by .01 (54.02) for the win! 

  • 4x200 (Heller, Williams, Goins, Webster) took first by nearly 3 seconds!

  • Sprint Medley 100/100/200/400 (Simpson, Peterson, Cocroft, Brown) took first place!

  • High Jump relay (Heller, Alexander, Bishop) placed 1st overall

  • Shot put relay (Alexander, Jacobs, Smith) placed 1st overall

  • Discus relay (Jacobs, Alexander, Smith) placed 2nd

  • 4x400 (Simpson, Brown, Heller, Handzel) placed 2nd

  • Long Jump relay (Heller, Kutinksy, Bishop) placed 3rd

  • 4x800 (Rivera, Boland, Kutinsky, Handzel) placed 4th

  • 4x1600 (Boland, Kutinsky, Dabliz, Rivera) placed 4th

  • Shuttle Hurdles (Simpson, Cochran-McKay, Cocroft, Peterson) placed 4th

  • Distance Medley 800/400/1200/1600 (Kutinskiy, Handzel, Boland, Rivera) placed 6th


Men’s point scorers/highlights:

  • Shot put relay (Hairston, Whan, Andriano) placed 1st overall

  • 4x100 (Mack, McFarlane, Cameron, Sanders) took 2nd place 

  • Discus relay (Glory-Ejoyakah, Hairston, Adriano) placed 2nd

  • 4x400 (Sanders, Filthaut, Haggerty, Mack) placed 2nd

  • Long Jump relay (Sanders, Cameron, Fisher) placed 2nd

  • High Jump relay (Dansby, MacWilliams, Fisher) placed 3rd

  • 4x800 (Haggerty, Salloum, Riesenberger, Dolan) placed 3rd

  • 4x1600 (Jorrey, MacWilliams, Salloum, Riesenberger) placed 3rd

  • Shuttle Hurdles (Misra, Upshaw Jr., Berro, Dunn) placed 3rd

  • Distance Medley 800/400/1200/1600 (Dolan, Filthaut, MacWilliams, Jorrey) placed 3rd

  • Throwers 4x100 (Glory-Ejakah, Hairston, Andriano, Whan) placed 4th

  • 4x200 (McFarlane, Whitley, Early, Riggins) placed 6th


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